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Stair Rope

Our stair ropes and bannister ropes are hand made to order. They arrive complete and ready to install with end knots neatly finished and fittings in place.

On our stairropes website we provide a simple guide to help you measure for a staircase rope, and there are a range of designs illustrated that will complement both traditional and contemporary settings. We offer a specialist knowledge of cordage and knotting techniques, a selection of high grade ropes, our own exclusive design of fittings and skilfully tied end knots or splices.

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Rope Towel Holder

The idea of a rope towel holder for the bathroom or kitchen came from working with high grade hemp and cotton ropes in the making of stair ropes and handrails.

The rope towel ring shown is made using natural 24mm cotton rope with a mirror chrome fitting, and is decorated with a turks head weave in hemp cord.

Also available are straight rope towel rails with manrope knots or eye splice endings. All our rope towel rails and rings may be ordered in a variety of designs, rope types, fittings and knots or splices.

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Curtain Tie Back

These funky Monkey Fist button and loop tiebacks will transform any interior setting and can be tailor made to your specifications.

Our rope curtain tiebacks are available in the natural fibres hemp and cotton, and black nylon, with rope diameters of 8mm, 24mm or 32mm depending on the design and rope type.

The range includes monkey fist, carrick bend and barrel knot designs. More traditional rope tiebacks are also available with loop or ring endings to fix onto exisiting tieback hooks set in the wall or panelling.

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Rope Light Pull

Stonk Knots unusual light pulls use the natural fibre ropes, cords and twines - hemp, unbleached cotton and flax - and are based on the monkey fist knot, star knot and crown platt.

The rope light pulls shown are made in 8mm diameter cotton cord and the knotwork is built upon a continuous crown and wall plait. Other designs include the Monkey Fist ball and Star Knot tassel.

All our rope light pulls can be ordered in a suitable length for your room and have an eye loop at the top end of the cord, finished with a miniature decorative manrope knot. An existing bathroom light fitting usually has a toggle that will sit snugly through this eye.

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