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StonK KnotS

combine traditional knotting technique and expertise with contemporary ideas to produce rope accessories for the home, garden or boat.

Our emphasis is on sourcing top quality natural plant fibre ropes - hemp, cotton, flax and manila, and some of the best synthetic ropes available, such as spun polyester.

We incorporate many of the traditional sailor's knots and whippings in our work, such as the Monkey Fist, Manrope Knot and Turks Head.

StonK KnotS

offer a range of original, individually made rope products available to order.

We specialise in a taylor-made service using high spec rope and cordage, skilfully knotted, spliced or netted by hand.

Our projects include commissioned work, rope design solutions, as well as organising knotting workshops in the U.K.

Stonk Knots began trading in Cornwall, South West England in 1994, selling and exhibiting original and decorative rope-work through local outlets, via trade fairs and at shows nationwide.

In 2004, was launched to fulfill a growing demand for stair ropes, barrier ropes and hand rails, followed in 2006 by our Stonk Knots website - these are now our primary shop windows and points of liaison.

monkey fist rope light pull in cotton

With nearly thirty years of experience and an extensive knowledge of ropes and practical knotwork, we have built up a reputation for distinctive high quality design and reliable service.

Our aim has been to keep the business small and accessible by retaining control of the creation and manufacture of all our products. We know that our customers like to deal with us because of our personal and straightforward approach; many of them appreciate being able to discuss their requirements with someone who really does know the ropes!

On our Working with ropes page, you can read about the materials and tools that are used, see images of the rope-working process and look at some examples of knots and how they are tied. Visit our gallery to view fancy knotwork, rope projects and ideas, and in-situ images of commissions fulfilled over the years. We also organise knotting and ropecraft demonstrations and workshops at many festivals and events during the summer months, and exhibit throughout the country.

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